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Rock and Bowl Festival over the years...


Like most great festivals, we had a small, humble beginning. We started way back in 2009, at an old bowling green at the back of a local pub where a small group of music lovers planned to put on a community music event. Originally thought to be a casual few live bands, cheap beer and opportunity for fundraising escalated into so much more.

With the generous help of some local businesses and talent, we were able to have a proper stage and all the tech to host a real music event. Rock and Bowl was a hit! Hundreds flocked through the tiny back-gates of the pub, and people were already demanding for it to be an annual event... naturally the answer was YES!

As the years went by, we were growing and growing. In 2013 we moved the festival to it's new home at Market Drayton Picnic Area - a big open space for us to really get creative with! 


With some serious upgrades to our stage production, hundreds turned to thousands, as festival-goers from all over began to take notice of our little event.



2018 marked our biggest event yet, seeing over 5000 people through our gates to be part of our family, rock festival. But what is truly the best success for us, is that we see many familiar faces year on year.


We've even had a newly-wed couple delay their honeymoon, just so they could make it!

Through all of our success, the aim has always been very simple for us:

To give Market Drayton something to be proud of, put on a music festival above all expectations and raise money for local and national charities.


We are lucky to have many people living locally who are industry professionals (festivals & tours) and give their time for free to put on the festival, but we also friends of the festival who come as far as Bournemouth to offer their time and talent!

Laurence Payne , Jeremy Blandford, Andrew Richards & David Minnery - Directors Let's Rock Production

LTD (Not for Profit) & everyone at the Rock and Bowl Team

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