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Key Benefits (Sponsorship level dependant):

  • High growth rate "boutique" music festival with world renowned tribute acts and record company signed/contracted bands with impressive reach social media reach.

  • Structured communications plan across all regional newspapers, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snap), Rock and Bowl Website utilising all key media channels such as written articles, video interview features, regular published updates to website with associated features and video material incorporating sponsors.

  • Band Facebook coverage of over 12,000 individuals.

  • Paid social media coverage of over 60,000.

  • Access to a combined audience of 6000 over the Rock and Bowl Weekend

  • Use of our on site video screens for pre recorded media, logos etc

  • Sponsorship mentions throughout the event

  • Participation in all social campaigns

  • Banner advertising at the event

  • Access to our video team for video content

  • Your logo on promotion items (custom package only)

  • Branded areas

  • Promotional access to the event (guest tickets)

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