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3 big reasons why small festivals rock!

Small music festivals are the best! There, we've said it!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And clearly, we're not on about Christmas... Festival season is almost upon us!

If you hadn't guessed already, we kind of LOVE festivals. But what is it that makes small music festivals, such as Rock and Bowl, so great? There's been an increasing amount of small festivals pop up around the UK, and whilst the giants (V Fest, Download etc) are still very much alive, more and more people are opting for the smaller, boutique festival experience.

Well right or wrong, here's our take on why small music festivals rock that much harder!

rock and bowl festival crew member
Chrissie - Festival Crew Member!

Number 1 - The Crew!

Obviously, this is not the case for all small festivals, but our crew in particular is made up entirely of volunteers! That's a whole team of people coming together, donating their time and skill-sets to putting on an amazing show. So if we're not in it for the money, why bother? Easy, we're passionate people and we graft all year because we want to be part of bringing our event to life. And we think that love and enthusiasm definitely shines through over the weekend.

In Vitro festival band at rock and bowl festival
In Vitro loving the Rock and Bowl Festival selfie board!

Number 2 - The Talent

The quality of bands on our stages is something we're VERY particular about. We literally have hundreds of applications from bands wanting to perform at Rock and Bowl. And (hopefully) you'll agree, we deliver the very best in local and far away talent. We love how humble, passionate, enthusiastic and fun our bands are each year, and it's hard to envision bigger festivals having that same experience with the larger acts.

festival goers at rock and bowl festival in Shropshire
We're not sure what the guy with the horn has said, but it looks pretty funny!

Number 3 - The Atmosphere!

We've all been to big festivals, and absolutely loved it. But at a smaller festival, the difference is undeniable. Perhaps, it's because you don't have to wait 45 minutes in a portaloo queue at a small event, but the energy and buzz at Rock and Bowl has always been phenomenal. Just walking around, we see strangers talking and making friends, families dying in shame as the Dad starts head banging and we've even had a couple of requests for people wanting to propose on stage. It truly is a community spirited event, whether you come from the local town or miles away, there's always new people to talk to, bands to bond over and dance offs to be had.

Rock and Bowl is back for our tenth festival! Saturday 26th - Monday 28th May 2018.


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