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Top 5 moments at Rock and Bowl Festival 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we've found ourselves thinking back to our last festival and recalling some of our favourite moments, brought to you by the Rock and Bowl crew:

1. Let the festival begin!

Stage built. Bar ready. Speakers plugged. We love that feeling before opening the gates to the festival, where we sit down (usually for the first time in a week!) and take a look at the product of all our hard work.

This is a snap of our festival grounds, with Shropshire greenery in full bloom, around 10 minutes before the gates opened:

2. Second Stage Sparkles!

Last year's festival saw the rebirth of our second stage, as we had a better set up than ever before, complete with a whole new 'starry night' makeover.

The bands loved it and judging by how packed it was, we think you festival goers did too!

3. Hello Sunshine

We had quite possibly the BEST weather in Rock and Bowl history, with glorious sunshine for most of the festival (with the exception of the random thunderstorm halfway through...)

4. Queues be gone!

You said. We heard! Amongst all our of positive feedback over the years, one thing that kept cropping up is that trying to get a drink at the bar was taking too long.

Well for our 2018 festival, we added in a new queuing system and created a more streamline process for our festival goers trying to grab a drink or two. We're very pleased to have received feedback that this worked exceptionally well, with everyone we spoke to stating the queue time on average was much less than previous years. Result!

5. We lit up the sky!

To mark our 10th Festival anniversary, we wanted to celebrate with a bang! We had our very first Rock and Bowl firework display which could be seen from across Market Drayton and some of our neighbouring villages.

We're getting giddy now for Rock and Bowl Festival 2019 (Less than 5 months away!)


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